Stranger Things Theory Thinks That’s NOT Jim Hopper In The Russian Trailer



This article may contain spoilers for Stranger Things. Proceed with caution!

Pick your jaws up off the floor because it looks like Jim Hopper is back in Stranger Things. Although Daddy Jim seemingly ‘hopped’ off to an early grave in Season 3’s climactic Battle of Starcourt Mall, fans have never been convinced the Duffer Brothers would kill David Harbour’s brooding Chief of Police.

Credit: Netflix

The first look at Season 4 confirmed Hopper is alive and *erm*, well, he’s alive, in Russia. However, there’s a wild theory that is NOT the Jim we’ve come to know and love.

There was a snowy trip behind the Iron Curtain in the “From Russia with Love” teaser, and when the new clip dropped online, it quickly started doing the rounds on Reddit.

We always knew Russia was going to be a likely locale thanks to Season 3’s post-credit tease of the American and the new tagline of “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”.

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