Stranger Things Fans Think Everyone’s Fave Character Will Be Killed In Season 4



It’s safe to say that Season 3 of Stranger Things was an absolute whopper, and the writers have got a pretty large job at hand to make sure the fourth season compares.

What with the ‘supposed’ death of one of the most loved characters, Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour), there is no doubt that they’re probably going to kill off someone that everyone loves even more for the fourth and potentially final season – and fans are speculating that it will be Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery).

Metro spotted that one Reddit user Bamonk made a pretty interesting argument into why they thought Steve would be the next to croak it. They wrote: “Hopper isn’t dead and they are yet to kill off a main character. I think it’ll either be Eleven, Mike or Jonathan. I doubt they’ll put Will through it again and I think they’ll milk the Steve/Dustin bromance. What do you think?”

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One user debated back: “I don’t think they’ll kill any of the main kids off, people will hate me for saying this but I wouldn’t say Steve is 100% safe, they do have a track record of killing great characters that we love, on the same note I’d say Robin could be the most likely to die, she’s one of the newest Characters and everyone loves her, the Duffers love to break our hearts aha.”

The argument went on between the fans, with many saying that because Robin is one of the only gay icons within the show, they doubt that the Duffer Brothers would choose to kill her off due to the backlash it would receive.

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