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Story Of The Only Baby Born Inside Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Is Incredible

This is fascinating.


If you’ve recently watched HBO’s Chernobyl, you’ll probably have ended up on Google straight afterwards. The story is so shocking, it almost doesn’t feel real.

However for Mariyka Sovenko, the story is very much real. She was the only child born in the highly-polluted Chernobyl exclusion zone after the explosion.

Her parents were called ‘murderers’ after they decided to stay in the zone because the authorities offered them no alternative housing.

She was born in 1999, and she apparently swam in a river where fish sent Geiger counters bleeping wildly. She also ate the fish from that very same river.


Not only that, but she drank milk from a cow fed on Chernobyl pastures irradiated by the nuclear explosion.

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