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Someone’s Pasta And Gravy Meal Has Sparked A Huge Debate

It’s become a bigger debate than Marmite…


If you’ve ever joined the group Rate My Plate on Facebook, then you’ll probably know all about the common debates people have when discussing their favourite food dishes – but personally this is the most drama I have ever seen surrounding a plate.

One woman, Kristi decided to upload a picture of her fairly simple meal – pasta and gravy. What happened next is absolute chaos.

While some people agreed that the simplicity of the meal made it the most delicious thing they’d ever tried, hundreds of others took to the comment section to blast the woman for ‘ruining pasta by putting gravy on it’.

One person actually told her that it looked like ‘explosive diarrhoea’ on a plate, and while another agreed with the concept of pasta and gravy, they responded:

“Spatzle (type of noodle; homemade of course) with rouladen and gravy is very very good. Always needs a good helping of braised red cabbage on the side As for the above fusilli and gravy; that looks totally disgusting!”

Since the picture has gone viral, thousands of people have joined in on the debate. While some people have asked that going forward, poor Kristi should be ‘banned from ever visiting Italy’, others have chosen to support her food choices loud and proud online.

What do you think, has she completely ruined pasta for you – or has she inspired you to go and grab your Bisto and make dreams happen.

[Featured Image Credit: Rate My Plate / Kristi D]

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