Six Reasons Travelling Is Like Being At University

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Travelling can be one of the most fulfilling things a person can do in their life. Seeing amazing sights, sampling different cultures and meeting new people.

Once upon a time, travelling was restricted to the financially blessed amongst us, now thanks to budget airlines and companies like STA Travel, more young people are opting to travel than ever.

In more ways than one jetting across the world is eerily similar to your time at university. Here are a few of the similarities between the two.

You’re tired all the time

Sleep? What is sleep?

You’ve traded your late night study sessions (nights out) for overnight trains and early morning treks.

Sure, you haven’t slept for at least 48 hours and you’re not sure what’s real anymore, but at least you’re having a good time, right?

Your diet goes out the window

Remember the last time you ate fruit? Nope. Do you feel guilty about it? Nope.

Healthy eating is barely at the forefront of your mind when you’re exploring a new city.

You’re not going to Berlin for a salad are you? You’re getting a Bratwurst…Or six.

You somehow manage to make it home after a night out

Despite the questionable state you may or may not have been in last night, you’ve actually managed to wake up in your own bed.

It’s miraculous really, you’re in a brand new country, no knowledge of your surroundings and you still managed to navigate your way home.

Impressive, isn’t it?

There’s always one annoying guy

We’re looking at you, guy who gets out the acoustic at pre drinks and launches into a god-awful rendition of Wonderwall.

We get it pal, you had a few guitar lessons, we don’t need the backstory of how *insert obscure indie band* are the greatest musicians to ever live.

Everything is judged on the price of a beer

You know that awful nightclub you keep going back to because they do £1 drinks? Yep it’s that again, just in a different language.

For many of us, the price of a pint in a country can be enough to make us book the next flight. We’re not even remotely ashamed of it either.

It’s basically financial planning.

You live with strangers

You’ve swapped your 8 bedroom house for an 8 bed dorm in a cheap hostel and nothing has really changed to be honest.

Sure you’ll meet a few odd characters along the way, those odd characters can wind up being your best mates though.

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