Sheridan Smith Reveals She Was ‘Snubbed’ From Gavin And Stacey Comeback

She dated James Corden for two years.


Sheridan Smith has confirmed that she’s not been approached to star in the Gavin and Stacey Christmas episode.

The 38-year-old actress played Smithy’s (James Corden) sister, Rudi. Corden and Sheridan were in a relationship for two years after meeting on the set of the show. Sheridan has insisted that the pair have remained friends.

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Merry Christmas! Love you all ❤️💋💋💋

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However, she will not be returning to reprise her character.

She appeared on Radio 2 with host Zoe Ball on Monday (10th June) and was asked if she was appearing in the show, she said: “I wish. No, I’m not going to be in it. I don’t think, anyway.”

Presenter Zoe then said they should start a petition to get her on the episode, saying that that the scene where Rudi and Smithy rap Kanye West’s verse from American Boy is one of the show’s most iconic scene.

Sheridan agreed: “I could do my rap again. I love it.”

Now that a new episode of Gavin and Stacey has been announced, some people are only just realising that all of the families’ surnames are named after serial killers.

As a dark joke, the writers decided to name their characters after three of the most notorious serial killers of all time: Fred and Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, and Harold Shipman.

Gavin’s family’s surname is Shipman, Stacey’s is West, and Pete Sutcliffe was introduced during the original Christmas special.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and is currently serving life behind bars for his crimes.

Former doctor, Harold Shipman, killed around 250 of his patients. He later hanged himself behind bars.

Married couple Fred and Rose West raped and murdered at least 12 women. Fred West also took his own life behind bars, while his wife currently is serving a life sentence.

Many fans only realised the nod to the serial killers following the show’s Christmas special back in 2008. Ruth Jones, creator of the show and the actress behind Ness, spoke about it during a documentary.

She said: “We always knew we wanted to do a Christmas special – the idea of Christmas withthe Shipmans and the Wests! I just love saying that.”

However, some people were not happy about the joke. Joe Kitchen’s mother, Chrissy, 70, was killed by Shipman. At the time of the festive special’s airing, he said: “It is upsetting, at this time of year, to discover people making light of this.”

At the time, Mr Kitchen, a councillor for Hyde in Manchester where Shipman murdered many of his victims, added: “The whole thing is pretty sickening.

“You would expect more responsibility from the BBC. I thought after the Jonathan Ross affair someone would be looking at the bigger picture.” 

Gavin and Stacey was last seen on our screens in 2010, but recently Corden tweeted that he’s “hugely excited” to return to the series. Coming Christmas Day, he shared a picture of the script.

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