Seth Rogen Has A Dog Doppelganger And It’s The Best Thing Ever

This is uncanny.


There’s few celebrities in the world that seem to be as widely loved by just about everyone as Seth Rogen.

As well as starring in a string of great films, from Pineapple Express to Superbad, he generally comes across as a pretty nice guy.

Turns out Rogen also has an unlikely doppelganger, one that has sent Twitter into meltdown.

That’s because this lookalike, is actually a dog and to be quite frank, the resemblance is as unnerving as it is wholesome.

Of course, because this is the internet, people couldn’t help themselves when it came to playing around with the photo, which produced some quite excellent variations.

We can only hope the stars align and the pair of them get to meet, maybe even star in a film together.

One of Rogen’s latest projects saw him star alongside Charlize Theron, as the two form an unlikely relationship after he is hired to write speeches for Theron’s character, who is running for president.

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