Ross Geller’s Marcel The Monkey Was Actually A Girl

Everything we know is a lie

Ross Geller Marcel Friends

Consider your retro-loving minds blown. It turns out Marcel the monkey from Friends was actually a girl. Long before the rules were as tight on having wild animals on TV and movie sets, Friends had a live capuchin monkey roaming its set.

The early days of NBC’s hit comedy were filled with some strange storylines — fogging a yeti — but right up there with poking Ugly Naked Guy, Ross owning a capuchin was pretty out-there.

Now, Matt LeBlanc is here to drop the bombshell that co-star David Schwimmer secretly hated the monkey and that Marcel wasn’t a boy at all. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 51-year-old left us reeling with the revelation that Marcel was played by twin primates called Katie and Monkey.

“I liked the monkey, I like animals, yeah the monkey was really cool. Schwimmer not so much …” said LeBlanc. “It’s just ’cause he’s the one who had to work with it the most, he was like, ‘Again?'”

Ross and Marcel Friends

He continued, “But I got along great with the monkey. Now the monkey in the show was named Marcel was a boy but in real life it was a girl names Katie, she was very cute.”

According to The Telegraph, the more active Katie was used in ‘action’ scenes, while Monkey stepped up for the more sedate moments. The site explains how both Katie and Monkey went on to have a successful career in Hollywood and even starred in the likes of 30 Rock.

It’s strange that Marcel was actually a girl — especially considering the whole point of Marcel’s exit was that he was flowering into adulthood and basically banging everything.

Marcel Friends

Ross had to make the hard decision to give him away, only to later regret it. We last saw Marcel embracing his new life as a movie star while the cast of kooky twentysomethings sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Despite Marcel’s fleeting appearances, he left a lasting impression on Friends and on Ross. In Season 6, Ross admitted that owning a monkey was a stupid idea…what, more stupid than marrying Rachel in Vegas?

Marcel was last referenced in Season 7’s “The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress” when Joey tried to out Ross and asked “Have you ever slept in the same bed as a monkey?”

Even if Schwimmer wasn’t a fan, we still loved you Marcel/Katie/whatever we’re supposed to call you.

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