Ripley And A Xenomorph Share An Apartment In Sims 4/Alien Crossover

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Ripley The Sims

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if Ellen Ripley and a murderous Xenomorph shared an apartment in The Sims 4, wonder no more thanks to the best Twitter thread you’ll read today. Gaming and horror fans unite as Maxis’ popular simulation game is given a dose of acid-blooded mayhem.

The thread is the brainchild of Andy Kelly (@UltraBrilliant), who came up with the ingenious idea of sticking these two horror goliaths together in a confined space. The multi-tweet thread has plenty of fun and frolics, even adding Ripley’s cat Jonesy to the mix.

As well as the Xenomorph making French toast, there’s a game of chess, guitar lessons, and the bizarre reveal that the Xenomorph pees standing up.

Writing for PC Gamer, Kelly explained how the idea came to be: “I once wrote a Sims 4 diary about two housemates with wildly conflicting personality traits.

“Then I started thinking about other Sim combinations that might result in entertaining drama and/or comedy, and it struck me: what if Ellen Ripley from the Alien series was sharing a house with a xenomorph?”

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