Ridley Scott Is Bringing His Alien Franchise To Television

Get away from her you b*tch!

Alien Featured Image

Prepare for your chests to burst with excitement as it sounds like Ridley Scott is resurrecting the Alien franchise. After helming the 1979 original movie and more recent releases like Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Scott is finally bringing Xenomorphs to our TV screens.

Last year, there were sketchy reports that Scott’s ongoing movie franchise was being marooned on LV-426 but the world could live on as a TV series. The details are becoming a bit clearer and the latest reports suggest TWO Alien shows are crawling their way onto our screens soon.

According to HN Entertainment, Hulu is planning an Alien series with Scott serving as executive producer. It will be under his production company (Scott Free Productions) and could be a multi-season series that charts different eras of the Alien mythology.

If you’re p*ssed that David Fincher’s Alien3 destroyed the work that James Cameron put in place with Aliens, fear not, a TV revival could fix everything.

Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley Alien
20th Century Fox

Details are scarce at the moment and there’s no news on what the second series could be. Putting my theory hat on here, another idea could be a show revolving around Amanda Ripley.

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