Ricky Gervais Just Dropped A Massive After Life 2 Update

Tony is back!

Ricky Gervais After Life

Get ready for more melancholy madness as Ricky Gervais gives fans a big update on Season 2 of After Life. A surprise hit of this year, After Life was over before it really began thanks to a short season order of just six episodes.

Starring Gervais as the grouchy Tony Johnson, it was a typically Ricky performance as he played a grumpy tw*t. The story revolved around Tony coming to terms with his wife’s tragic death and how to deal with his own suicidal thoughts.

Working at a local newspaper, Tony’s small town is also occupied by Matt (his brother-in-law and boss), Lenny the photographer, grieving widow Anne, and sex worker Daphne.

At the heart of the story, Gervais is reunited with Extras co-star Ashley Jensen. She plays Emma — a nurse at his father’s retirement home. After Life ended with Tony and Emma heading out on a date, teasing there’s more to come from the story. Now, Gervais confirms he’s about to start filming After Life Season 2.

Posting on Instagram, the 58-year-old wrote: “I start preproduction on #AfterLife2 next week and film it in September and October.

“Then I’m bringing [his latest stand-up show] #SuperNature to Europe! Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and Prague to start with. Stay Tuned for details.”

While we’re still a way off After Life returning to Netflix, at least we know the wheels are in motion for Season 2. Gervais has previously hyped a return to the tragic times of Tony. Speaking about potential storylines, Gervais had a typically Tony response.

He told fans how he’d already offered some ideas for more episode. “I always do that just in case I die!” he said.

“Now I’ve thought about it, and I really would like to do a second series because I fell in love with the characters and I’ve got an idea of where it can go.

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“The second series is always better. Usually because you know the actors.

“There’s a little clue at the end of series one when he says, ‘I’m just going to use my superpower for good’. He can still be an a**hole, and just enjoy it more.”

Many said After Life was Gervais’ best work since he played David Brent on The Office. Others claimed it was the greatest thing he’s ever done, which is high praise indeed.

Gervais has already shown off his first draft of After Life Season 2, so it should (hopefully) be smooth sailing from here on out. Personally, I just want to see Gervais hurl more expletives at young kids.

[Featured Image: Netflix]

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