Resident Evil TV Series Is Coming To Bite A Chunk Out Of Netflix

“You’re all going to die down here.”

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Netflix’s next project (Alice) is a trip into the Hive to reopen the doors of the Resident Evil franchise. I’ve championed the idea of a Resident Evil TV series ever since the lacklustre Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, so it’s about time someone took notice.

Sony’s Screen Gems soared to the top of the box office as the six Resident Evil movies became the highest-grossing game-to-movie franchise of all time. To be honest, with competition like Mortal Kombat and the Jolie Tomb Raider years, there wasn’t much of a challenge.

The Final Chapter rounded off Milla Jovovich’s performance as Project Alice with a blood-stained bow, leading to rumours that Hollywood was already planning a reboot.

Deadline reports that Netflix has ordered a live-action Resident Evil series as part of its original programming. German-based production and distribution company Constantin Film will handle the show, which is good news considering it was behind the movies too.

Netflix is apparently to keep the basic premise of what brain-hungry monsters created by the T-virus while including plenty of Resident Evil Easter eggs for fans of the games.

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Screen Gems

The idea of a Netflix series is also sure to win over fans of Capcom’s Resident Evil games. Since 1996, we’ve come to know Raccoon City like the back of our hand and watch the world go to shit as the Umbrella Corporation’s evil schemes have brought humanity to its knees.

Although the movies started off with good intentions by carving their own route through the original creation of Jovovich’s Alice, later entries tried to tie into the games with little success. While Capcom made the likes of Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy, and Chris and Claire Redfield into some of the best-known video game characters out there, the movies cast most of these aside without any explanation to where they’d gone.

Netflix will hopefully go back to the decaying confines of the Spencer Mansion that had us terrified back in 1996. Ironically, the first Resident Evil filmed live-action sequences for several parts of the game, suggesting Capcom had planned some sort of series all those years ago.

Resident Evil 7

As well as the seven main-series games, Capcom has had various spin-offs and even started remaking some of its classic entries. Only this month, the reimagined version of Resident Evil 2 is hoping to shoot up the gaming charts.

There’s no news on a cast or storyline for the Resident Evil series, but Deadline still suggests a full movie reboot is also in motion. Given Netflix’s spooky success with The Haunting of Hill House in 2018, Resident Evil could fit neatly with the streaming service’s reinvigorated love of the horror genre. Hopefully, Resident Evil will come shuffling to Netflix soon.

[Featured Image: Screen Gems/Capcom]

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