Research Reveals Women Have A Higher Pain Threshold Than Men

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A new study suggests that women have a higher pain threshold than men — well that’s a kick in the cojones.

Apparently, it’s all to do with the way different sexes remember pain. According to the research, women are better and handling pain than us measly men. Does this mean we’re moving closer to a society where men are obsolete? If so, I’ll let myself out.

According to ScienceDaily, a group of researchers in Canada were “shocked” to find that women don’t recall past pain in the same way. The study took place at McGill University and was led by Dr Jeffrey Mogul.

Mogul revealed, “We were blown away when we saw that there seemed to be the same difference between men and women as we had seen in mice.”

A group of 41 men and 38 women were subjected to different types of pain. It started with low-level heat on their forearms as they were asked to rate their pain from 1-100.

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The experiment took it up a notch as the subjects had a tightly inflated blood pressure cuff strapped to their arms and were asked to do 20 minutes of arm exercises. Only seven subjects rated the pain as less that 50 on the scale.

It was repeated the next day, where the men tended to rate their pain higher than they did the day before. Mogul explained, “We believe men were anticipating the cuff, and the stress of that anticipation caused greater pain sensitivity.”

“There was some reason to expect that we would see increased sensitivity to pain on the second day, but there was no reason to expect it would be specific to males. That came as a complete surprise.”

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The University of Toronto’s Dr Loren Martin added, “What was even more surprising was that the men reacted more. Because it is well known that women are both more sensitive to pain than men, and that they are also generally more stressed out.”

Instead of just a twisted experiment to inflict pain on unwilling victims, the research is being used to find new treatments for chronic pain.

All those childbirth videos are testament to why it’s probably for the best that women can handle pain better than men. That being said, the testing probably didn’t take into account the crippling pain of trapping your frank and beans in the zipper.

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