Ranking American Horror Story’s Most Iconic Characters

No one from Cult is making this list

Horror Story Characters

With American Horror Story carving itself an impressive legacy on our screens, the acclaimed horror anthology rightly takes the crown as one of the best TV shows in living memory. From the humble roots of 2010’s Murder House to the wily witches of Coven, the controversial Cult to dystopian Apocalypse, we’ve seen it all.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s campy cacophony is still a ratings giant as we power ahead with American Horror Story: 1984. As the likes of Brooke, Xavier, and Mr. Jingles vye to become their own legendary AHS characters, let’s rank the 10 most iconic members from the ensemble’s first eight seasons.

10. Pepper

Pepper American Horror Story

Naomi Grossman underwent a complete transformation to play Pepper — American Horror Story: Asylum‘s misunderstood inmate. Pepper’s affliction of microcephalic means you’d struggle to spot Grossman under the prosthetics.

Pepper also has the honour of being one of the few characters to make it into another season. In a pre-Aslyum world, we also met Pepper (and her lover called Salty) in Freak Show.

Sadly, Pepper’s story has a typically sombre end. Even though Sister Jude was rescued from Briarcliff Manor, Pepper was confirmed to have died from pulmonary fibrosis in 1966.

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