PUBG is Getting ANOTHER New Map

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We may have only just seen gameplay footage of the latest desert map this week, but it has been confirmed that PUBG will be getting ANOTHER new map after the desert map is released.

The new map is still in its early stages of planning, so it’s unlikely that it will make its way to PUBG anytime soon. With that being said, we already have quite a lot of information about the new map and what it will be like.

What Is The New Map?

The first map was very rural and had a lot of lush green countryside. The second map offers a harsher environment based in the North American desert. The third map will take things in a completely new direction by offering players a snowy, Adriatic map.

We haven’t seen any concept art or screenshots of the third map yet, but we do have information from PUBG Corp. and Brendan Greene to go off of. This information may change in the future, but it’s based on the initial plan that had been laid out for the map.

In information shared on the PUBG forum, Brendan Greene mentioned that They are “Still blocking out where towns will be, what the various points of interest will be.”

He continued by saying, “On the Adriatic map, we have this really cool cosmodrome in mind, with a ruined shuttle half-falling.”

“I saw work on the cosmodrome, and the guy who is working on the buildings – the first round of buildings he did were massive. You could host two or three whole battle royales within these buildings. They had 50 floors, they were gigantic, but they made the area look super cool. We did have to cut them down and make them more manageable so people did not run into a building and go, ‘So much loot, so little time.’”

By the sounds of it, the Adriatic map will have a lot of larger buildings in it – this may mean players will be finding themselves in more indoor fights.

Indoor fights do happen within PUBG, but most fights happen out in the open. It’d be interesting to see how gameplay would change if most fights were limited to close quarter battles.

When Is The New Map Coming?

As you can imagine, there is no set release date for the third PUBG map yet. The development team working on PUBG still haven’t worked out a release date internally. There’s a lot to work on before they can start speeding up work on the Adriatic map.

If we had to guess, we’d say that it’s likely the Adriatic map could be released in late 2018 or at the start of 2019. We could be wrong, but it would make sense when compared to the current time it took to work on the desert map.

We will probably hear more about the Adriatic map next year. PUBG Corp. has tried to keep details on it quite quiet for now, but once development on the current content has finished, they’ll have more free room to talk about the Adriatic map.

What About The Desert Map?

The desert map is still being worked on. In fact, the map is almost ready for release. The desert map is coming to PC test servers this week and it should be pushed to live servers later in December.

The full 1.0 release for PUBG is set to hit on December 20, so it’s likely that the desert map will get a release then. We’re not sure whether the desert map will pushed to the Xbox One version at that point as well, but it is likely.

If you didn’t know already, the desert map was recently showcased at the Game Awards and it looks absolutely stunning. Whilst Erangel is good in its own right, it was mostly built from placeholder objects and was never designed to be the main PUBG map.

In the case of the desert map, which has now been confirmed as Miramar, all of the buildings and the terrain have been built from the ground up.

The PUBG Corp. developers have mentioned that this map will offer more opportunity for strategic play than the current map, and players will be forced to make more tactical decisions to be able to survive.

All of the terrain has been built with the new vaulting mechanic in mind, too. You’ll no longer struggle with climbing up rocks and down hills – with vaulting, you’ll be able to climb over any rocks or obstacles with ease.

It’s likely that the Adriatic map will also be carefully designed from the ground up just like Miramar has. It will be exciting to see what the third map will be like.

Does That Mean A Total Of 3 Maps?

That’s right – when the Adriatic map is released, players will be able to choose between either of the three available maps when jumping into the action.

Previously, Brendan Greene did mention that he’d like to rework Erangel, but that doesn’t mean the map will be removed. Instead, it’s likely that it will get adjusted over time or a new version will be added to replace the old version.

Will There Be Even More Maps?

The PUBG Corp. team do want to work on releasing more maps over time. Right now, their focus is going to be put on making sure the game and their servers are as optimized as possible.

Thankfully, the Battle Royale game mode itself has been ironed out and most of the game mechanics in PUBG work well already. Once optimizations to the servers and the client have been done, the PUBG team will have more time to work on new content such as new maps, new weapons, and other features.


What are your thoughts on this news? Are you excited for the new desert map and do you think you’ll still be around playing PUBG by the time they announce the release date of the Adriatic map? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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