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Prosecco Gets You Drunk Quicker, It’s Official

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If you want to get more than a little merry this Christmas, pop the corks and let the bubbles flow. It’s official, drinking Prosecco will get you drunk quicker.

Cue hordes of us running down to the supermarkets and clearing the shelves of every bottle in sight. We’ve all seen Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse get sloshed on sparkling stuff, so it’s no surprise we all go “hic” after a few too many glasses.

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According to an unearthed article from The Telegraph getting busy with the fizzy means you’ll be drunk in just a fraction of the time. The research was held in a lab (just so you know it is legit) as Dr. Fran Ridout tested 12 unwilling/lucky subjects to try out the effects of sparkling alcohol vs. flat.

Ridout and her team discovered that alcohol levels rose quicker in those who slurped down bubbles. The results were pretty conclusive after just five minutes, with fizzy drinkers having around 0.54 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood compared to just 0.39 milligrams for those who’d been drinking flat booze.

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Although subjects were limited to just two glasses each and the alcohol was adjusted for each person’s weight, the results sounded pretty fun. Ridout told the site, “Some could hardly write. It must be absorbed from the digestive system quicker.”

It’s a mystery why the carbon dioxide in bubbles helps us get drunk quicker, but are we really complaining? When that awkward Christmas Day silence with the relatives is getting a bit too much, reaching for a bottle of Prosecco could be a (temporary) quick fix.

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The research took place 17 years ago, but with Prosecco more popular than ever and shops like Aldi introducing hangover-free alternatives, there’s sure to be plenty of us out there that are happy with this news. We may think we’re a little classier while drinking Prosecco, but is that really the case when you’re passed out in the corner wearing a Christmas hat and looking like Bridget Jones?

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