Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Want To Raise Their Child As A Vegan’

Messenger In news that is sure to delight many, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly hoping …read more


In news that is sure to delight many, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly hoping to raise their child as a vegan.

However, if reports are to be believed, the Queen herself ‘will not tolerate’ this kind of diet.

37-year-old Meghan eats a plant-based diet during the week, and apparently Harry has been trying to adapt the lifestyle too.

A source told Woman’s Day: “It’s created tense discussions between Meghan and Harry, who doesn’t want to upset his grandmother.

“Meghan keeps pushing the boundaries with the Royals and it’s not being well received, least of all by Her Majesty.

“Bringing the baby up as a vegan simply won’t be tolerated by the monarch.”

While there’s soon going to be the sound of tiny footsteps at Kensington Palace, some trolls weirdly think that Meghan is ‘faking her pregnancy’.

Previously, people spotted a picture of the Duchess bending over with her bump and said they didn’t think it looked ‘natural’. The latest conspiracy theory takes that idea one step further.

Claiming that Markle is always touching her stomach to hold a prosthetic belly in place, this is one of the weirdest royal stories I’ve heard in a while. Admittedly, it’s not as out-there as Prince Philip being a humanoid lizard…but it’s close.

A YouTube video has appeared online and been viewed 200,000 times. Some people genuinely believe it, with one viewer writing, “It is really disgusting how she is insulting everyone’s intelligence.” The account also shared footage of Abigail Spencer (confusing her for Markle) and saying it’s ‘proof’ she left her fake bump at home. The channel is called DanjA zonE and shares various Royal Family conspiracies to its 31,000 followers.

Trolls have started using #moonbump in relation to the conspiracy theory that the 1969 moon landing was faked. The big question is why? Why would Meghan and Harry possibly want to fake her pregnancy?

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Thankfully, there are some sticking up for Markle. One concerned fan wrote, “I’m so tired of all the hate displayed regarding Meghan Markle. How the hell do you fake a pregnancy?… to all the haters, for goodness sake, get a life!”

This comes after rumours that Kate Middleton could be expecting her fourth child. The Duchess of Cambridge recently celebrated her 37th birthday, but it turns out she could have some more joyous news on the way. Middleton famously married Prince William back in 2011 and has slowly become the nation’s sweetheart.

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While Kate isn’t showing signs of an impending baby, multiple sources reported that Kate and Wills were ‘with child’ in January. Apparently, odds of Middleton announcing a baby bump in 2019 were been slashed to 2/1.

Meghan’s baby is due later this month, so there isn’t long to wait anyway. What do the trolls expect, us to livestream the birth to prove the baby is actually hers? One way to settle whether the Baby of Sussex is really Meghan’s would be to go on an episode of Jeremy Kyle and have a DNA/lie detector test. Well, stranger things have happened.

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