Primark’s New Friends Lilo Will Help You PIVOT Around The Pool



Every summer, the quest to find the best pool float is one of the hardest. Do you want the big avocado shaped one? Is there a rubber ring that also comes with a cup holder for your all inclusive drinks? Does it also have a giant palm tree on it to shade you while you’re grazing along in the pool? SO many factors.

Well, for fans of the hit TV comedy show, Friends, it appears Primark has officially answered your prayers and brought out the ultimate lilo for you. Giving a nod to quite possibly one of the most notable moments on the show’s history, the long lilo (perfect for just LYING in the sun in the pool) reads the iconic word – Pivot. You know, from this hilarious scene…

First spotted by the ever-savvy Facebook group, Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK, an eagle-eyed shopper noticed that the pool float was being sold in Primark for just £10, which is a bargain when you think about all the fun you’ll be having on it when you finally get on your jollies.

So what are you doing?! Get yourself PIVOTING over to Primark and get in on some of this action.

Credit: Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

If you’re a fan of the PIVOT scene – which I’m guessing you are because you clicked on this article in the first place to find out more about how you could get your hands on the lilo, then you may wanna check out the hilarious moment earlier this year when Courtney Cox recreated the iconic pivot moment.

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