Primark Is Now Selling Outfits And Raincoats For Dogs And They’re So Cute

So many cute outfits to choose from!


Primark is one of the best places to shop if you want nice clothes on a budget, and now the retailer is extending the privilege to your pooch.


What’s even better about the adorable outfits, is that they don’t even come at a hefty price. For example, for just £7, you can turn your furry BFF into a mini unicorn.

Primark is also selling an adorable raincoat, and other outfits for you to mix-and-match, maybe even co-ordinate your dog to match what you’re wearing each day.


Just when you think you’ve seen everything you could possibly see when it comes to perfect presents for pooches, dog leggings are officially a thing. 

It isn’t just you that deserves an itchy sweater or unwanted tie this time of year. Your dog needs a new wardrobe as well. Long gone are the days of simply chucking pets a stocking with a Winalot bone inside.

Walkee Paws dog leggings
Walkee Paws

While dog leggings haven’t quite made it onto Dragon‘s Den just yet, you can buy them from Walkee Paws. USA dog-lover Lisa Baronoff created Walkee Paws for her cocker spaniel, Toffee.

She put her experience in both toys and pantyhose to the test, and with an old pair of her own tights, Walkee Paws were born. Instead of just being a vibrant fashion statement, Baronoff also defends that they serve an actual purpose.

To stop you having a mucky pup, Walkee Paws keep your dog’s feet clean and dry. As the above video of Toffee shows, at least Walkee Paws do what they say on the tin.  Walkee Paws also emphasise the benefit of not letting dogs track mud into your clean house.

Working like a sling system to stay secure, Walkee Paws are completely machine washable and come in a variety of colours/sizes. Whether you want your cool canine to step out in Classic, Confetti, Cocoa, or Camo, Walkee Paws can fit anything from a Chihuahua to a Labrador.

Baronoff’s invention definitely looks better than your standard dog ‘booties’ thanks to the fact that Walkee Paws won’t fall off. She also boasts that her leggings are the only dog leggings on the market, meaning she’ll be ‘pawing’ some serious cash for Christmas.

That being said, I don’t quite think Walkee Paws live up to the meme-worthy addition of dogs in tights — that’s a seriously thicc trend right there.

If you want your furry friend to look like Madonna in “Hung Up”, you can embarrass them by putting them in a pair of pantyhose. If you want to protect your puppers’ pads, get yourself a pair of Walkee Paws.

[Featured Image Credit: Primark]

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