Pretty Little Thing Now Showing Outfits On Two Size Models

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There’s moments in life when something is introduced, that you think ‘wow, why didn’t we have that all along?’

Well, Pretty Little Thing has started doing something on their websites that companies should 100% have been doing all along – and now I’m wondering how I ever lived without it.

As a bit of a chunky gal myself, I often find incredible looking clothes online, order them only to find that on myself it just doesn’t cling to the right places. It’s so difficult unless you can actually go in store, try them on and see if they truly fit your body shape. All the curvy girls out there will fully get my struggles and understand what I’m talking about (big boobs also make the fit of a dress one million times harder to gauge, also).

PrettyLittleThing praised for showing outfits on different size models

But now Pretty Little Thing has decided to put two pictures on their website, so that people of different body shapes and sizes can see how it’ll look on both models – not just on a beautifully toned size 8. Called the #EveryBODYinPLT movement, it shows you two different women wearing the same dress so you can get a better vision of how it would fit on yourself. The picture above shows a size 6 model vs a size 18, giving you a proper insight into how the dress really looks in different ways.

It’s SO refreshing to see what it’ll look like on another body shape, and also it’s 2018 – and we’re all more than accepting that people come in all shapes and sizes now, so it’s brilliant to see a fashion brand get on board with the fact that we aren’t all built the exact same way.

The campaign’s size 18 model, Leslie Sidora, said: “I’ve never felt this excited or proud of my body and myself. It feels amazing that companies like PLT gives a chance to curvy girls like me to show everyone that there’s not just one body type.


“I shoot for PLT every week it is noticeable how many more opportunities there are to represent these girls. I really hope we continue to double-shoot in the future for the plus size and main range – and that my plus-sized sisters will feels as amazing as I did when we shot them!”

If you’re a larger lady, like myself, you can actually gauge properly how it’s going to fall in certain places on you, whether or not it’s the right style/shape for your body, whether it’s shorter on you the bigger your bum is etc. I don’t know about you – but I personally think the whole concept is bloody genius – and it’s definitely made me feel a lot more confident about going online and ordering some clothes in advance for anything planned.

Plus – there’s nothing worse than the soul destroying trip to the shops trying on countless dresses that look phenomenal on the rack – but make you look like the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters when trying on in the dressing room – am I right?!

Kudos to you, Pretty Little Thing.

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