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Poundland Is Selling Vimto Jelly Babies And People Are Going Wild For Them

Slurple the Purple

Vimto Jelly Baby

Two things that are sure to conjure up visions of your childhood are Jelly Babies and Vimto. One is a refreshing drink for after school, while the other is a sugar-coated treat you probably scoffed on long car journeys.

Now, Poundland is bringing a real taste of the ’90s back to our lives by selling Vimto Jelly Babies. Coming from Poundland, you can imagine they aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg either.

Available NOW in Poundland stores for just £1 a bag, Vimto Jelly Babies have that classic flavour of blackcurrant, raspberry, and grape in Jelly Baby form. Be warned though, Vimto Jelly Babies are only expected to be a limited run – get them before they grow up!

It didn’t take long for news of Vimto Jelly Babies to start spreading, with those lucky few who’ve picked up a pack sharing their rave reviews online.

Sadly, the beef gelatin used in Vimto Jelly Babies means they’re not suitable for vegetarians. Well, at least veggies can still eat Percy Pigs.

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