Poundland Is Selling Snoring Swatters And It’s Perfect For Noisy Sleepers

This is for anyone who has ever dealt with a noisy snorer.


We’ve all been there. You’re trying to get a lovely night’s sleep, because you’ve got work in the morning and you’ve spent all day dreaming about the moment you return to your bed.

But, just as you put the covers over yourself, your partner suddenly lets out the LOUDEST snore you’ve ever heard in your life, and after putting up with it for the next half hour, you either wake them up furiously so you can try and quickly get back to sleep or resort to sleeping on the sofa.

Poundland is selling a ‘Snoring Swatter’, which is hilariously designed to help you remind your partner that they’re DRIVING YOU TO INSANITY with their snoring.

This could put an end to the noisy sleeper in your life. Credit: Facebook/B&M Bargains And More
Facebook Groups / B&M Bargains And More

Obviously, violence is never the option – however if you’re going to use this as a hilarious tool to joke alongside your partner with, then it could definitely bring more of a funnier side to your sleeping problems.

Posted on the Facebook group B&M Bargains And More, one excited user found this hilarious product in Poundland, and had to share it with the group, saying: “Found this in Poundland, I think every woman needs one of these.”

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