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Poundland Is Selling A £1 Mobile Phone Tracker For Your Keys

This is brilliant.


As someone who spent £30 on a Bluetooth mobile phone tracker, this news is as infuriating as it is brilliant.

Poundland is new selling one, and it’s literally a quid. Fuming.

Facebook Page Money Saver Online shared a picture of the keyring, and it’s sending people wild.

One fan wrote: “Found one of these in poundland yesterday. Once it’s synced to your phone if you squeeze it to activate it it will make your phone ring too if you’ve misplaced your phone 😁 awesome find! 👍🏼”

Another person made a great point, adding: “Depending on the distance it would be excellent for people who have relatives with dementia actually 👍 My nan used to wander and if she had this on her belt would have been much easier to find her.”

However, one person wasn’t thrilled about it at all: “These are crap, it’s just a basic Bluetooth sensor with a range of 10-15ft maximum. If you don’t have your phone within that distance, you won’t detect it. Proper tracking units cost at least £40 and come with a GPS module that can be tracked from any (paired) device, anywhere, and also requires an activated SIM card with credit and data enabled in order to access the internet and report its location. Otherwise you’re just buying a Hide’n’Seek toy,

“If you want to keep track of something that can leave your house; if you’re worried about your dog, car, bicycle, lawnmower, toolbox, grandparents, or whatever else getting lost, stolen, or running away, get a proper tracker.”

However, after looking on the website, it says: “Bluetooth range, up to 100 feet. Obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect range.”

Check out the website here, or invest a quid into trying it out for yourself at Poundland! I know what I’m going to do.

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