Poundland Is Selling A £1 Engagement Ring For Men

Because true love shouldn’t come at a hefty price.


ICYMI, 2020 falls upon another leap year, meaning that this February 29 women all around the world will be proposing to their men.

Although, this pretty archaic ideal is something that isn’t really a requirement anymore – ladies, if you wanna propose to your fella you DON’T have to wait four years at a time for the opportunity, just go ahead and bloody do it.

Still, Poundland has decided to offer a £1 engagement ring for men, and they come in four different sizes so that you can let your man know of your intent to marry him.

Some people are also calling the £1 rings ‘holding engagement bands’, meaning you can extend this to your loved one and basically ‘secure your future place’ as their spouse. Right.


The aptly named Man Band comes in four different sizes, and ALSO comes in a pretty boujie velvet box, showing your loved one that you truly can’t put a price on your love and that it knows no bounds.

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