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Pot Noodle Partners With Deliveroo To ‘Send Noods’ To Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day

Give your loved one the gift of noods this Valentine’s Day.


Nothing says love quite like a Pot Noodle, which is why the company has decided to make Valentine’s Day a lot easier for you this year by partnering up with Deliveroo.

For one day only, couples will be able to express their love through the form of noodle. Quite frankly, I think it’s absolutely genius. So where did the idea to bring a noodle delivery service come from?

Well, the savvy researchers over at Pot Noodle did a bit of digging and found out that ‘over one-quarter (22.4%) of the social media generation are more likely to consider sending a nude to their Valentine, over purchasing a gift, due to a lack of time’.

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Pot Noodle

Rather than spend your next few hours panic-buying something for your loved one in a shop, just sit back, download the Deliveroo app and for just £1, you can show your loved one that you REALLY thought about them.

The Valentine’s Day service will doesn’t just extend to couples, if there are some friends you want to surprise by sending oodles of noodles to, simply heading to the app and type in their loved one’s name and address.

Better yet, there are four delicious flavours to choose from – and they’re all the BEST ones.

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Pot Noodle
  • Chicken & Mushroom – for couples that have mushroom in their heart this Valentine’s Day
  • Bombay Bad Boy – for lovers who like it hot and spicy 
  • Jerk Chicken – the only Jerk you need in your life on 14th February
  • Original Curry – for a twosome looking to canoodle over something saucy

Speaking about the upcoming promotion, Lena Portchmouth, Pot Noodle Marketing Manager, said:

“One in three Britons admit they’re time-poor, and rather than hitting the shops for flowers or chocolates, our research has revealed that noodle-heads will consider sending a nude photo over a more traditional gift due to lack of time and money.”

“We couldn’t believe it. The results sent us completely potty! So, this year we’re encouraging our fans to send noods, not nudes. With our Pot Noodle delivery service, we’re certain that lack of time or money won’t be a barrier in providing the forkin’ best package out there this Valentine’s Day. After all, what’s more romantic than a Pot Noodle?”

The limited-edition ‘Send Noods’ kits will be available on the Deliveroo app on 14th February whilst supplies last. The kits will be available from select kitchens in Leeds and London from 12:00 PM. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your loved one the noods they deserve this Valentine’s Day.

[Featured Image Credit: Pot Noodle]

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