Police Have To Save Drunk Woman Trapped In A Cat Flap

Okay internet, cat’s enough for today!

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We’ve all been there when you’ve had a few too many drinks and think you’re invincible. Even the best-laid drunken plans would seem downright ridiculous to a sober person. One inebriated woman took her love of the sauce to the extreme when she managed to get herself wedged in a cat flap.

While this isn’t quite as bad as the woman who managed to get stuck while trying to chuck a sh*t out of a window, its pretty good for an embarrassing faux pas. We all know you shouldn’t call the police unless its an emergency, and to be honest, being wedged in a cat flap is sure to be a pretty terrifying experience.

According toΒ The Yorkshire Evening Post, West Yorkshire Police responded to a call in the early hours of March 10. A concerned person had phoned the police when they’d heard a woman shouting for help. If you think it’s nothing more than a joke, theΒ WYP Contact Management Centre posted the news on its Twitter.

Officers thanked the “Good Samaritan” who alerted them to the incident, but we still don’t know how the story ends. I assume she’s not still stuck there and I doubt she’s gone into work with a cat flap wrapped around her neck.

While the woman remains anonymous and is probably a little red-faced right now, Twitter users couldn’t help but share their amusement online.

We used to have a dog flap at home, which as you can imagine, was pretty easy to fit through. I’m imagining you have to be pretty small to even think you’d be able to fit through a cat flap.

As one tweeter said, we demand answers. Was it her house, how did she get in there, was it a dare or her own doing? I’m guessing her idea of a “purrfect” evening didn’t quite plan out how she’d imagined. One thing’s for sure though, this poor woman is no Selina Kyle.

[Featured Image: Pixabay/Warner Bros.]

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