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Pigs In Blankets Ice Cream Exists And We’re Not ‘Bacon’ It Up

Messenger Just when we think we’ve heard of every Christmas concoction there is, some Willy Wonka-wannabe has …read more

Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream

Just when we think we’ve heard of every Christmas concoction there is, some Willy Wonka-wannabe has brought pigs in blankets ice cream into our lives.

Those joyful little cylinders of pork — wrapped in more pork — may have you feeling like Porky Pig when December 25 rolls around, but let’s not pretend we’re not going to pile our plates high with pigs in blankets on the big day.

Pigs is Pigs Merrie Melodies
Warner Bros.

Up there in the God Tier of festive food, pigs in blankets avoid the controversy surrounding the likes of sprouts and Christmas Pudding, meaning its only really vegetarians who swerve these lil’ sausages.

According to inews, Fabio and Hannah Vicenti have introduced pigs in blankets ice cream to their menu. Now that the craze surrounding mince pie ice cream cones and Thanksgiving turkey ice cream has died down, Fabio’s Gelato in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, is aiming to tickle our tastebuds.

Fabio’s Gelato is apparently famous for its unique flavours, and we’d be telling porky pies if we said we weren’t impressed with this latest offering. Fabio isn’t keeping his recipe top secret and told the site that it contains sausages, bacon, vanilla ice-cream, and maple syrup. Inspired by American pancakes, the 34-year-old said, “The pigs-in-blanket recipe tastes like a breakfast.”

“You get sweet from the ice-cream and then get a smokey taste from the bacon and then you get the sweet again from the syrup taste,” he continued. “It’s like when you get bacon and maple syrup on pancakes, but it is just colder.”

Fabio's Gelato Hertfordshire
Fabio’s Gelato

Fabio’s Christmas creations don’t end there. Other flavours available at this time of year include gingerbread, chocolate orange, and the classic mince pie. Blitzing pigs in blankets into ice cream sounds pretty inventive, but does it really top Fabio’s previous creations that have included Big Mac and Guinness. He’s also admitted that it’s harder to make his sprout ice cream, but to be honest, we’re only here for the pigs in blankets.

One scoop will cost a pricey £2.70, but with Fabio offering a try before you buy mentality, he’ll probably have a queue out the door to try his pigs in blankets ice cream.

While December might not seem like the ideal month to head to the freezer aisle, doesn’t this mean that Fabio’s Gelato has the market cornered when it comes to festive flavours?

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