Pete Davidson Covers Up ‘Ariana Grande’ Tattoo With The Most Savage Inking

Ariana Grande and the “CURSED” child

Pete Davidson Tattoo Featured

It would seem that hell hath no fury like Pete Davidson scorned. The 25-year-old comedian and actor is trying to move past his short-lived relationship with Ariana Grande by scrubbing her (quite literally) out of his life.

Davidson is showing off some of his new ink, but at the same time, reveals how he’s covering up his memories of Ariana. Despite the loved-up duo looking like they would be forever, the “God is a Woman” singer called off their engagement when she said she wasn’t ready.

Considering Davidson and Grande both have over 12 tattoos for each other, things are now a bit awkward for those walking doodle pads. While it could be a long time before Grande is really gone from Pete’s life, he’s recently revealed how he’s made progress changing those tats.

When tattoo artist Jon Mesa shared his latest work on Davidson’s back, fans quickly spotted that Pete has covered one of his Ariana artworks with the words “CURSED”. Now that’s what I call a savage burn.

The bold black lettering of “CURSED” now covers Davidson’s “Mille Tendresse” (a thousand tendernesses) tattoo that is identical to one Ariana has on her neck. The idea was to show off Davidson’s version of Tootsie Pop’s Mr. Oliver Owl, however, Mesa has revealed the other ink in all its angry glory.

With Grande and Davidson being massive Harry Potter fans, could this latest lettering be a nod to the J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world? Maybe Davidson now refers to Ariana as “She Who Must Not Be Named”?

Don’t be too harsh on Pete though. Ariana has already covered his initials on her finger with a black heart, the tribute to his late father with a tribute to Mac Miller’s dog, and her thumb tattoo of “reborn” with a feather. Ariana has been pretty busy with her own ink and recently got a (blundered) 7 Rings tattoo.

Davidson hasn’t commented on the bold statement, but it hints that their breakup wasn’t as amicable as the media likes to make out. Well, being ditched while the eyes of the world scrutinises your entire relationship was never going to make things easy.

That being said, with Pete reportedly dating Underworld‘s Kate Beckinsale, it’s no surprise he’s trying to remove some of those permanent Ariana memories.

[Featured Image: NBC/Ariana Grande Instagram

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