Pet Sematary’s Alternate Ending Is Even Creepier Than The Original

Well this is dark.

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Stephen King’s classic horror story was given a remake this year, 20 years after it first made it onto our screens.

The film was met with a mediocre response, but with the release of the Blue-ray and DVD, an alternative ending has come to light.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, it goes without saying that this will contain spoilers.

The previously-unseen ending goes like this:

Rachel is still bleeding out after being stabbed by her own daughter, but as she wakes, Louis is standing over her and saying: “Everything’s going to be fine. Everything’s going to be OK. I’ll love you forever.”

The camera pans out to see that Rachel is lying in a grave, and her husband and daughter are about to bury her alive in the pet cemetery – with Louis saying: “We’ll all be a family again.”

Kölsch explained: “Everybody liked the original scripted ending. But both endings were tested [with preview audiences] and what came back is [the theatrical ending] was clearer to people and it was what people seemed to resonate with and it left them with fewer questions — I don’t mean questions in a good ambiguity way but questions in that people didn’t understand everything that happened.”

Widmyer said: “The theatrical ending is the big loud slam dunk ending where it goes out on a bang. There’s an immediacy to it that’s satisfying. The [original ending] is haunting, it’s lingering, it stays with you.”

Kölsch added: “It’s a sadder one, which is why we like it so much.”

The new ending is one of several deleted scenes amid the 90 minutes of extras on the home video release.

“This is one of those situations where we really liked all the deleted scenes,” Widmyer says. “Sometimes you cut things because they’re not working, but all these scenes are ones we’re big fans of. You’re going to learn more about Rachel and her parents, there’s more Zelda and there’s a very cool back story revealed about Jud and his wife.”

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