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People Who Watch Friends Do Better In Exams


Exams are the devil’s work, they exist solely to make students miserable and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

No matter how much revision you do, something always crops up that you didn’t study, however, what if there was a way to up your game without doing any work?

DIRECTV has finally cracked the code with a scientific survey on how to get better exam results, and their conclusion is music to our ears. 

The survey explored the relationship between TV shows and intelligence and how watching particular programs, such as Friends may boost your exam skills (or how intelligence affects which shows you view).

They surveyed popular state universities around the US, polled the results and compared people’s SAT scores to the TV shows they watched the most.

The people who watched Friends, and other shows such as The Simpsons, Planet Earth, Sherlock, Top Gear and South Park, all achieved higher scores than average, whereas the people who watched things such as Dexter, The Wire, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad all attained lower scores than average.

Read into that what you will.

So, if you’re a Friends lover, keep watching as, even though he has a devilish charm, you don’t want the intelligence of Joey!

All words by Will Baker 

Brad Lengden
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