People Are Putting Tuna In Their Pancakes And It’s Divided The Nation



In the spirit of pancake day, people around the world are showing their unity for the Christian holiday by uploading pictures of their food offerings.

The good thing about pancakes is that you can literally pair them with anything and they’ll taste delicious. While I tend to go for Nutella and strawberries, others with a lesser sweet tooth than myself opt for more savoury options

However, one pancake concoction in particular has left people VERY divided, after UK sports reporter Ian “Moose” Abrahams shared his breakfast on Twitter. “No better breakfast than a nice Tuna Pancake or two or three,” he wrote.

Understandably, his tuna-filled pancake has left people VERY divided, with some saying that they’re immediately blocking his profile for even pairing the two together, while others confirm that his recipe is an absolute delight.

Ian Abrahams later confirmed to a confused follower that he would blast his pancake and tuna mix in the microwave for 90 seconds for optimum tastiness.

Personally, I think you do you, and if something tastes nice then why the hell not – but I can’t see myself getting excited to head home, flip a pancake and add some tuna flakes to it anytime soon.

But it didn’t just end at that, and others reached out to offer their own alternative pancake concoctions – one in particular including baked beans.

What will you be putting on your pancakes today?

[Featured Image Credit: FOX / Ian Abrahams Twitter]

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