People Are Obsessing Over New Mobile Game Where You Stay Home And Play With Your Cat

I’m going to spend HOURS playing this.


Sometimes in life, simplicity is key – especially when it comes to wanting to find something to help you sit down and relax with after a long day in the office.

For me, it’s a farm game on my Nintendo Switch called Farm Together, where all I do is tend to crops, build my house and look after my animals.

While the idea of real life farming is WAY too strenuous, there’s something comforting in the repetitive and simplistic nature of the game that allows me to just CHILL.

Others at the moment are finding love for a new mobile game called Adorable Home, and it’s very Stardew Valley meets Nintendogs. Bascially, the rules of the game are simple – stay at home and play with your cat.

The premise is that you and your partner (you can customise this character to suit your preferred gender/name) have just moved into a new home in the suburbs, along with your sweet kitten called Snow (you cannot change this name, which is a HUGE shame)

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