People Are Now Getting Mini Fluffy Cows As Pets And They’re Adorable AF

They make ‘exceptional pets’.


While cows don’t tend to be thought of as family pets (unless you live on a farm), there is currently a rise in demand for people buying ‘mini fluffy cows’ to join their home.

So if you’ve always wanted a cow, but didn’t think you had the room to host one of your own, maybe these little guys are just the right option for you.

According to LoveableLittleOnes, miniature cows make “exceptional pets” and “demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of.”

More and more people are beginning to moo-ve them in and make them part of the family, and are hugely favoured for their size, as according to Rural Living Today, most miniature cows range from 36 to 42 inches in size, so no bigger than a large dog.

Lovable Little Ones claim on their website that they are always striving to breed micro cows that make the perfect pet for any age range:

“Our miniature cow farm is located in Eastern Colorado where we are currently raising pet quality miniature and micro-miniature cows. At Lovable Little Ones™ we take pride in working with and developing our calves to be exceptional pets. Our calves are halter broke, trained to be around adults and children, and of course lovable. It is our goal to be one of the best miniature cattle breeders in the United States that produces the highest quality miniature cattle with lovable dispositions and great personalities.”

Not forgetting, they’re also pretty damn adorable. If you’ve got enough room for your cow to graze happily, are looking for something a bit different than a dog, then these beautiful animals may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Always remember, don’t just get a miniature cow for ‘the Gram’ unless you have all the right tools to ensure it has the best life ever, and that you can give it the love and attention it needs. Any animal is for life, not just for a viral trend.

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