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People Are Kicking Off About McDonald’s Bounty McFlurry

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Going to be completely honest here, I’m not quite sure where the viral trend to either extremely hate or extremely love Bounty chocolate has come from in the last few weeks – but as an avid supporter of the chocolate coconut treat I can say whole-heartedly that I am here for it.

After all, without the national divide surrounding the product, we probably wouldn’t have had the introduction of this delicious treat – the McDonald’s Bounty McFlurry.

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Now I hear you, I ran straight on down to my local McDonald’s to try and get my hands on one as soon as I heard it existed, to no avail – apparently it isn’t coming to stores near us anytime soon. Some people on Twitter have commented saying that they claim to work at the fast food giant, and in the UK it WILL be making its way here just not right this second – but what truly is the answer?

Well, I’ve done a bit of digging, and according to a Google search (because I’m quite the detective, you see), the Bounty McFlurry appears to come up on a website for McDonald’s Hungary, however when you click the link there seems to be nothing of the sort on the page. Hmm. They do however have an M&Ms McFlurry and I’m also pretty here for that, too. Google image searches seem to imply that Lebanon ALSO once had the elusive Bounty McFlurry.

There’s also a YouTube video dating back to 2016 stating that during a summer promotion in Germany, a chocolate McFlurry with coconut flakes by the name of sweet, sweet Bounty WAS IN FACT available, but again – I see no updated version on any of the McDonald’s websites. So as you can imagine, people are getting rather p*ssed off about the whole situation.

I mean come on, McDonald’s – the people have spoken! BRING BOUNTY MCFLURRIES INTO THE MIX, WE ALL WANT THEM!

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