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Peeps-A-Boo: Peeps Coffee Creamer Exists And We’re Totally Here For It

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Just when you think the world of taste has exhausted all its options, Peeps Coffee Creamer is here to win us over and force us to part with our hard-earned cash on something we never thought we’d need.

While probably not the healthiest addition to your morning cup of joe, who could pass up on a warming mug of coffee with all the marshmallowy goodness of Peeps?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Peeps are brightly-coloured marshmallow clouds that come in cutesy shapes like chicks and rabbits.



According to a press release by International Delight, the Peeps Coffee Creamer is “sweet, marshmallow-y, and yellow”. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, the company promises that it has replicated the unique flavour of the original candy.

In a time that we have Biscoff spread and Chewits-scented candles, we’re honestly surprised it has taken Peeps this long to think of the idea. It may look a bit like fabric softener, but believe me, it definitely tastes better.

Peeps Coffee Creamer

With spring just around the corner, International Delight is making the most of lighter mornings and blossoming fields of flowers with its decidedly seasonal offering. Although Peeps usually hit shelves a little later in the year, the coffee creamer is already on shelves in America, boasting that it’s “candy in a cup”.

International Delight is becoming known for its out-there flavours. Only last year, the food conglomerate showcased Oreo, Reese’s, and Hershey’s coffee creamer to sweeten up your morning caffeine fix.

If you aren’t convinced by turning your favourite sweet treats into coffee creamer, International Delight offers more sedate flavours like Raspberry, Vanilla, or Hazelnut.

Peeps Coffee Creamer Promo
International Delight

Not just a way to brighten up your day, the Peeps Coffee Creamer is also jostling for the title of cutest kitchen cupboard addition. As long as you don’t confuse it for a bottle of Lenor, it’s sure to look great on the breakfast table as well.

So, next time you expect to find a pack of Peeps in your Easter stocking, you won’t be surprised to come across some Peeps Coffee Creamer. What’s next, Malteser Bunny perfume?

[Featured Image: Pixabay]

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