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Our Planet Viewers Think Netflix ‘Faked’ Nature Documentary

Was it too good to be true?

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Sir David Attenborough’s latest nature documentary is so cinematic, some viewers have accused Netflix of faking the breathtaking scenes and have even claimed the whole thing is animated. If you were barmy for Blue Planet and potty for Planet Earth, loved Life and devoted to DynastiesOur Planet could be one for you.

At the core of Our Planet was the typical tragedy we’ve come to expect. As well as a shocking update on what’s going on with the world’s ice caps, there were heartbreaking scenes involving baby flamingos and one with a tragic walrus *reaches for the tissues* that gave us all the high-stakes drama we’ve come to expect from Sir David. Warning, the following video might be hard to watch.

The eight-part series takes us around the globe to 50 countries across all seven continents. According to Netflix, Our Planet recruited 600 crew members and filmed for a whopping 3,500 days. It looks like everyone’s hard work paid off, with Our Planet being just as stunning as the rest of Attenborough’s documentaries.

As Our Planet journeyed from frozen worlds to coastal jungles, some viewers couldn’t lift their jaws from the floor and questioned whether what they were seeing was real. Mainly, there’s a small group that seem to think Our Planet was animated:

Sure, things are also a little different when it comes to animation these days. Only recently, Netflix showed this with Love, Death & Robots. The sci-fi anthology had some pretty amazing graphics and a Hugh Jackman lookalike that was a dead ringer for the man himself.

Our Planet obviously is real and gives a beautiful snapshot of life around the globe. Advances in cameras and TV mean that Our Planet almost looks too good to be true.

Our Planet Netflix Still
Ben Macdonald/Silverback/Netflix


The secret is that the series was made in conjunction with Silverback Films, which is known for its high-end nature documentaries. Also, the underwater team apparently used specialist equipment called Rebreathers that allowed them to stay down there for up to six hours and not disturb the fish.

We’ve come a long way from David Attenborough chatting to chimps through a grainy lens. Our Planet could be some of his best work to date and there’s no escaping how amazing it looks.

[Featured Image: Ben Macdonald/Silverback/Netflix]

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