Orlando Bloom Misspelt His Son’s Name In New Tattoo

Well this is awkward…


Getting a tattoo of anything can be daunting, it’s on your skin forever and sometimes mistakes can happen, especially if you’re getting words in a different language or format than the native tongue of the tattooist.

Orlando Bloom is the latest celebrity to suffer an embarrassing tattoo mishap, after his artist confirmed that he had accidentally ‘spelt his son’s name wrong’.

Whoops: It turns out that Orlando Bloom's new tattoo of his son's name in Morse code is actually misspelled
Orlando Bloom Instagram

Bloom’s inking is morse code of his son’s name, Flynn, who he shares with Miranda Kerr, but his artist has since came out and revealed that the tattoo is missing a dot and ‘that it’ll be fixed at a later date’ after many fans hit out in the comment section to notify the actor of the blunder.

“A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son and yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed 🙂 (sic)” is what the artist wrote underneath the hoards of comments.

He’s not the first celebrity to have a mistake on one of his inkings, as just a few years ago Ariana Grande was ripped to shreds by fans over her incorrect tattoo.

She got a tattoo of the word 7 Rings (which is the name of her most recent song) with the characters ‘七輪’, and shared it on Instagram, but many people screen-shotted it after realising what it REALLY said.

Turns out the inking phrase meant ‘shichirin’ – which translates to a ‘small barbecue grill’ in Japanese. Oh dear.

Twitter was then full of fans trying their hardest to decipher the meaning, with many saying that it was actually not even just about a small grill, but also meant ‘wheel’ in Chinese.

One user wrote: “Ariana Grande got a tattoo that says ‘七輪’ for her song Seven Rings, but ‘輪’ means ‘wheel’

“Rings would be ‘戒指’. Also in Chinese you need measure words so it would be ‘七個戒指’.”

[Featured Image Credit: Orlando Bloom Instagram]

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