The New Nintendo Labo Has Already Been Turned Into A Meme


Nintendo’s new gadget is already being memed, confirming if the internet is anything, it’s relentless and it’s fast.

The new Nintendo Switch addon, Labo, was unveiled today to a slightly bemused reaction from the gaming world.

Labo is a collection of mini-games, which are played via assembling tools with the slot-together cardboard provided in the box, which inserts into the Switch via the control pad slots. Tools include everything from a piano to a fishing rod, which are put together via picture instructions displayed on the Switch screen.

Reviews have been pretty mixed, being described as everything from “bizarre” to “ingenious.”

The Labo, priced at $70, is set to release on April 20th in the States and Australia, and the 27th in Europe. That hasn’t stopped Twitter users already making their judgements though.

It’s also seen a host of memes spring up around its unusual design…

It’ll be interesting to see how successful the latest gadget from the Japanese tech giant is, especially considering the limited success of the WiiU, Nintendo won’t want another flop on their hands.


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Brad Lengden
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