New Netflix Show After Life Is ‘Making People Vomit’

Pass the sick bucket

Netflix After Life

If you haven’t tuned in for Ricky Gervais’ After Life, you’re missing out on one of Netflix’s best shows in years. However, while most of us love the morbid comedy, some viewers have been left a little queasy by After Life.

Focussing on Gervais as the downtrodden Tony, After Life sees him coming to terms with life following his wife’s death. Thurst prematurely into the world of being a widow, Tony decides that he can live his life being as rude as he wants to, and that if it gets too much, he can simply kill himself.

Kept alive by his dog and the memory of his wife through a video diary, Tony slowly mellows across the show’s six-episode run.

There’s plenty to laugh at. Alongside eating veg curry from a can, calling a ginger kid a tubby c*nt, and the lighter side of being a sex worker, Gervais is at his grumpy best. That being said, the scene involving a woman cooking with her own breast milk has left people a little green around the gills.

The scene involves Tony and photographer Lenny (Tony Way) as they visit a woman who makes milk puddings from her own expressed breast milk. Lenny has no problem in guzzling them down while Tony watches in horror.

Things take a turn for the worst when she reveals her bread is made with her own ‘secret ingredient’. Tony heads outside and says, “You never need to use your own vaginal yeast to make bread. Go to the shops, get a lovely loaf.”

Although it’s gross-out humour at its best, some viewers have been left ditching their dinner in disgust. On the other end of the spectrum, fans have praised Gervais for his close to the bone comedy.

Apparently, the scene was even enough to turn Gervais’ stomach. Despite no actual breast milk being used in the making of After Life, Gervais couldn’t handle the thought of it as his co-star slurped down those perilous puds.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Way revealed, “I made some slurping sounds and then, because Ricky shoots the classic comedy way of two people in shot nearly all the time, that’s Laurel and Hardy, It’s the funniest way to look at a joke; that looks brilliant, but the problem is if the other person laughs you have to do it again.”

He confirmed, “You end up eating 15 little milk puddings and then Ricky starts gagging because he feels sick, and then everyone starts to feel sick…” Well, what’s a good show if you can’t make its own creator wretch?

[Featured Image: Netflix/Universal]

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