Netflix’s ‘You’ Has Been Renewed For A Third Season



Ever since You landed on Netflix over the Christmas period, fans have been grasping at as many theories for the show as possible in a bid to keep the storyline going.

To be fair, that’s the problem when Netflix drops an entire 10-part series on their streaming service in one go. You end up bingeing all of it at once and then you’re left with an entire year to wait until more information comes out about the characters you’ve grown to know so well.

Well, you can officially set your calendars, as season three of the popular series has been confirmed to go ahead with filming this year, meaning we’ll be getting 10 more episodes of Joe Goldberg, according to Variety.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti have been confirmed to reprise their roles of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, with new cast members to be confirmed later in the year.

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Theories have been popping up left right and centre, including the idea of whether or not Love ‘secretly killed her own husband’, to if the woman at the end of season two was in fact Joe’s mother (you know, the one he turns to at the end and says ‘hello, you’) who left him.

But it seems good guy and ‘fantastic at playing a creepy guy’ actor Penn Badgley is here to squash all of the rumours that may have anything to do with the upcoming season three.

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Speaking to Bustle, when asked about whether or not the woman in the sunglasses and sunhat was Joe’s mother, he categorically stated it was not, and told them that he WAS allowed to tell them that.

He told the publication: “She’s definitely not his mum. I can say that.” Short and simple, I like it.

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As apposed to you know, how he accidentally dropped into an interview that a season three was coming before Netflix had time to announce it themselves. Oops.

Although one could argue that maybe because he dropped information that season three was happening, he’s doing whatever he can to deflect the fans from guessing what will happen going forward…

I suppose only time will tell.

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