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Netflix’s New Series Investigates Hundreds Of Missing People In Emerald Triangle


Netflix’s new series Murder Mountain explores the hundreds of people who have gone missing in Emerald Triangle.

The area is famous for its huge illegal cannabis growth, and incredibly 717 per 100,000 people go missing in Humboldt County each year (as reported by the North Coast Journal).

Emerald Triangle is the biggest cannabis-producing region in North America. Growers use the harsh terrain to their advantage to mass produce the plant in secret.

The Netflix original docuseries explores the disappearance of Garrett Rodriguez, a farmer who grew marijuana on the mountain. He was tragically later found dead in a shallow grave in the triangle, and although he was only reported missing in April 2013, his friends and family admitted that they hadn’t heard from him since Christmas 2012.

The description on imdb reads: “What happens when California dreaming becomes a nightmare? When people head to Humboldt County, California in search of quick riches in the form of marijuana, often times they are unaware of the price they might ultimately pay in the illegal cannabis growing capital of the United States. The area produces at least 60% of the black market marijuana crop in the US, and also leads the state in missing persons cases.

“The series dives into the disappearance of one of these individuals, following the trail of 29-year-old Garret Rodriguez who goes missing on Murder Mountain. His disappearance and the events surrounding the investigation into his whereabouts threaten to expose a wild, lawless place, and will forever change the local community. The area known as Alderpoint – commonly known as Murder Mountain by residents, is not only mountainous and spacious but a surreal, little corner of America.”

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Mel Ramsay

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