Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Has Its First Reviews And They Are Brutal

Messenger Netflix have found themselves bombarded with controversy since they dropped the first trailer for Insatiable. …read more


Netflix have found themselves bombarded with controversy since they dropped the first trailer for Insatiable.

With a storyline featuring an overweight high school student who loses weight after having her jaw wired shut over the school holidays only to return and seek revenge on everyone who had bullied her.

Immediately after the first trailer was released viewers were quick to slam Netflix for fat shaming and the show has seemed generally doomed since.

Well now with the show being released the reviews have started to flood in and they’re generally as horrible as we kind of expected.

Here’s a pick of the most scathing commentaries.

Business Insider

“Netflix’s new show Insatiable is an offensive mess that goes way beyond fat shaming.”

“Insatiable, while possibly well-intentioned, does not make its message clear at all. It thinks it is making a point about society and beauty by having its characters aggressively make the opposite point. But it doesn’t work.

“To get this confusing message across, Insatiable uses dated clichés. It pits all its female characters against each other, makes jokes about statutory rape and molestation, and has a cast full of thin women. Characters, both male and female, constantly call women things like ‘crazy,’ ‘insane,’ and ‘bitch’, and its main character at one point calls another woman ‘a resting anus face of a wife.'”


“Insatiable tries extremely hard to throw edgy jokes at the wall, hoping that they will turn the show into a sharp satire of how our society shuns the weak — or something. But despite some late-breaking attempts to right the ship, neither the show’s punchlines nor its characters are sharp enough to transcend their clichéd foundations.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Insatiable has plenty of other issues that easily make it skippable — primarily that it’s dumb, but also because it has an egregious amount of voiceovers that are not only annoying and unfunny, but mask weak plotting. Insatiable also loves low-hanging humour, with lame sex jokes, gay jokes and body-related jokes being of particular fancy, as evidenced by a string of them built around ‘anal cancer’ references (‘We have to bring anal cancer out of the closet. It’s a silent but deadly killer’), etc.”

The Independent

“Would they have preferred Ryan pile on the pounds and then lose them again, in the style of Charlize Theron or Renee Zellwegger? Would that have the made the story more palatable? Or perhaps they would have preferred an already fat actor get the job and then go on an epic weight-loss regime?”

Boston Globe

“There are the strange adult-teen sexual encounters, which the show treats with a remarkable amount of shoulder shrugging. One of the big jokes is that Bob has been falsely accused of molesting a pageant student, forcing Bob and his wife, Alyssa Milano’s Coralee, to go through comic contortions to beat the rap. Meanwhile, the accusing mother is sleeping with Bob’s teen son — a fact that doesn’t appear to make anyone enraged. It’s almost as if we’re supposed to be so thoroughly amused by the entire cast’s forced Southern accents to care about the grotesquery of an adult taking advantage of a teen.”

It’s hard to imagine that Netflix will be bringing Insatiable back for a second season. Back to the drawing board I guess.

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