Netflix Reveals Their Top 10 Most Watched Films And TV

Millions of people can’t be wrong!


Netflix has released a huge list of the top 10 most-watched films and TV in a lengthy Twitter thread, which obviously helps us out when it comes to trawling through page after page of offerings, only to put on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the 54th time.

They added: “From next Wednesday we’ll bring you WEEKLY top 10 lists. So keep an eye out if you like great TV, great films, *or* lengthy twitter threads. Some of you will also see these lists on Netflix starting next week,

“A quick FYI: to compile these lists we look at the most-watched individual season of a show, film or special (regardless of when it launched). “Watched” means members finished at least 70% of one episode,

It’s a test as we want to make sure this information is useful for you. So we may tweak it in the weeks ahead. eg. we’re not including kids right now. And if people don’t find it useful we’ll stop,

“Expect to see these most watched lists updated every Wednesday on Netflix’s UK social channels!”

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