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Netflix has released an extreme content warning about its new show, Sex Education. They say the clue’s in the name, so the sordid sexuality of Sex Education shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone.

Just to be sure though, Netflix is doubling-down on warning viewers that Sex Education will live up to its R-rated namesake.

The cast of the teen tale has gathered together to promote Sex Education and also hammer home the show’s theme of sex…in case you hadn’t guessed yet.

The clip warns, “You’re going to see boobs, you’re going to see bum. You may even see a bit of vag”. So, where do we sign up? Currently streaming on Netflix, expect our randy curiosity to see the new show soar to the top of the service’s trending section.

With more gratuitous nudity than your average Game of Thrones episode, it sounds like this one isn’t one to watch with the kids or grandma. Believe us, the cast aren’t making it up when they amp the show’s sexual nature. There’s more pee-pees and woo-woos than you can shake a double-ended dildo at.

Sex Education Netflix Show

The show is already getting some pretty positive reviews, with critics calling it the ‘new’ Skins. Starring a cast of horny teens, Sex Education includes big names like Asa Butterfield (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) and screen legend Gillian Anderson (The X-Files).

Sex Education is taking us back to that awkward time of being a teenager when everything is new — and probably a bit sticky. The show follows Otis Milburn (Butterfield) who is described as a “socially awkward high school virgin”. Otis lives with his mum Jean (Anderson), who just so happens to be a sex therapist.

Sex Education Netflix

Otis decides to team up with “whip-smart bad girl” Maeve and set up a sex clinic for people their own age. Cue toe-curling situations and plenty of laughs as Otis tries to survive high school and finally get his end away.

Despite the very British setting, Sex Education has a pretty American/Breakfast Club feeling to it, meaning the show should hopefully appeal to audiences both side of the Atlantic.

The video promises that while there’s “a lot of genitals” the show’s also got “a lot of heart”. Well, what more could you want?

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