Netflix Drops First Look At Penn Badgley In You Season 2

Going for Gold(berg)


Joe Goldberg is back as Netflix gives fans a first look at You Season 2. Greg Berlanti’s psychological thriller is back for another bloodbath as the fan-favourite series gets a new lease of life.

Picking up after the cliffhanger ending of last year’s shocking freshman season, Penn Badgley is reprising his role as the unhinged bookstore manager with a penchant for murder.

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By the looks of it, Joe is up to his old tricks as he puts more innocent lives in his crosshairs. Season 2 sees Joe leave New York for a new life in Los Angeles, but it looks like old habits ‘die’ hard. 

Entertainment Weekly shared a sneak peek at Season 2 and gave fans a glimpse of newcomer Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn — Joe’s new love interest/potential victim.

Speaking to EW, showrunner Sera Gamble explained how about Joe and Love share a very different relationship to Beck. Gamble claims Joe is “a different guy” to the man we were introduced to in Season 1.

“It’s not that simple love-at-first-sight [Joe] might’ve been looking for a couple of years ago,” said Sera. “He’s a different guy. He’s been through more.”

She added that Love thinks Joe is a “kindred spirit” and senses that he’s experienced a great loss. Murdering the girl you’re obsessed with will do that.

Gamble concludes: “The circumstances of his encounter with Love are very informed by what he went through with Beck.”

The first season of You was an unnerving thriller that unfolded over 10 episodes. Focussing on Badgley’s Joe and Elizabeth Lail’s Guinevere Beck, You followed Beck as an aspiring writer while Joe became increasingly obsessed with her.

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Hoping to top the shocking ending of Season 1 as Beck kicked the bucket, Season 2 will expand on Joe’s tormented tryst with women. Speaking to ET Online, Badgley explained how we’ll take a dive into Joe’s past:

“This is a person who’s unconsciously and sometimes consciously repeating patterns of abuse and trauma. Joe causes the viewer to reflect more on themselves and wonder, ‘Why do I like this guy so much no matter what he does?’ I feel like what I hear from a lot of people is, ‘What is wrong with me?’ They’re not asking what’s wrong with him and I like that. If a piece of art you’re a part of can inspire that kind of reflection, that’s interesting.”

We already know You Season 2 is landing on Boxing Day — which is a Christmas treat if ever we’ve heard of one.

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