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Nestle Announces That Caramel Aero Is Heading To The UK

Sounds delicious!


Huge news for chocolate fans, as a brand new flavour of the delicious Nestle Aero is heading to shelves pretty soon, and it’s the version we’ve all been waiting for.

Amy Kendall, Assistant Brand Manager for Aero, said: “Aero is renowned for its unique combination of chocolate and bubbles that melt effortlessly in your mouth, giving you a little uplifting moment.

“The science and technology behind Aero made it unique from the start – but we continually look for new ways to innovate and delight fans. We believe that Aero Caramel is a delicious new addition to the Aero family and we hope it will soon become another firm favourite.”

Aero Caramel goes on sale over the next few weeks in Asda, Co-Op, Morrisons and Tesco, and can also be bought from your smaller shops and wholesale retailers. Oh, and its retail price is £1 but you can only buy the BIG sharing bar of it for now, so guess that means you’re treating yo’self!

Nestle is absolutely killing it with their new products recently. If you don’t know what else they’ve brought out, I’ll give you a little reminder.

The latest comes in the form of Smarties Buttons, and quite frankly they look so good I can’t help but wonder why they hadn’t been a thing sooner.

The buttons come in three tasty flavours (Credit: Nestle)

New from Nestle, the Smarties Buttons come in three different flavours, meaning you can choose from chocolate, white chocolate or chocolate orange for your sweet cravings.

Nestle has claimed that it’ll cost 65p for the single miniature packs of the new treats, while sharing bags should typically cost £1.59, however prices aren’t concrete because they’re all at the individual retailer’s discretion.

Buttons aren’t the only thing that Nestle has recently brought out, after it was announced that the chocolate company had also announced the release of a Biscoff KitKat.

Unfortunately, for anyone in the UK you won’t be able to buy them in stores yet, as they are only sold in Dubai – but you can order them online if you live in the UK from Wednesday, as they will be in stock at GB Gifts.

As with any viral product, if we make a big loud noise about how much we want it, Nestle will hear our prayers and roll them out to Tesco.

[Featured Image Credit: Nestle]

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