Natalie Dormer Brings The Horror In Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Trailer

What ‘dreadful’ occurrence are coming our way?

Penny Dreadful

Showtime has us ‘screaming’ with delight as the first Penny Dreadful: City of Angels trailer takes us back into the twisted mind of John Logan. There’s no denying Penny Dreadful was an underrated gem as the all-star cast of Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Reeve Carney took us to the gothic horrors of Victorian London.

This time, we’re taking a leap through time to the golden age of Hollywood in 1938. The new series centres on Daniel Zovatto as LAPD detective Tiago Vega. Vega works with Lewis Michener (Nathan Lane), who is a veteran of the squad as they investigate a series of occult goings-on.

However, the real star of the show is Game of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer as the villainous Magda. The shape-shifting demon is front and centre as the show’s big bad. The trailer wastes no time is kicking off with carnage as we see one poor victim who’s had their face shaped into a real-life Day of the Dead mask.

Written in blood is the morbid message of “Te llevas nuestra corazon tomamos el tuyo”, which literally means, “You take our heart we’ll take yours.” Magda also warns the end is nigh, teasing an apocalyptic showdown between the living and the undead.

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As well as dealing with “deeply infused with Mexican-American folklore and social tension”, Vega also has to battle with the “espionage actions of the Third Reich” and “rise of radio evangelism”. With some of the characters aligning themselves with the Devil himself, it’s clear City of Angels is sticking with the darkness of Penny Dreadful.

The star of the show is clearly Dormer, who is serving some serious Margaery Tyrell face. Speaking to Deadline about City of Angels, Logan reiterated, “As fond as I am about that series, that was a complete novel. It closed at the end, appropriately with that story, that poetic sad story we were telling.”

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Hopefully, the spiritual descendant to Penny Dreadful will find a more mainstream appeal as Logan charts a new part of horror history. Penny Dreadful bowed out after just three seasons, and even that was with some serious fan support.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels premieres on April 26 and stars Nathan Lane, Natalie Dormer, Daniel Zovatto, Kerry Bishé, Adriana Barraza, Michael Gladis, Jessica Garza, and Johnathan Nieves.

[Featured Image: Showtime]

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