Mysterious ‘D*ck’ Crop Circles Are Appearing In Australia

What a ‘c*ck’ up!

Crop Circle Featured

We’re all for some boisterous hijinks, but someone in Australia seems to be taking this a little too far as a series of dick-shaped crop circles have started appearing in Melbourne.

While it all sounds like the fictionalised plot of Netflix’s American Vandal mockumentary, police officers are left scratching their heads buy a bizarre spate of phallic drawings appearing across the city.

Taking to Google Earth for a quick search, redditor u/adrianmtb spotted a strange shape at Melbourne’s Blake Park. These ‘drawings’ have appeared at three parks. So far, the largest is estimated to be 122 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Broadsheet guesses that the shape of the drawings means these cocks have all been drawn by the same person. Speaking to Broadsheet, Darebin Mayor Cr Susan Rennie explained:

“Darebin Council condemns this type of irresponsible vandalism on our parks and sportsgrounds. It is not a cheap joke – fixing the affected ovals is complex, costly and time-consuming.”

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