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M&S Is Selling A Heart Shaped ‘Love Sausage’ For Valentine’s Day

“Ooooh, Matron!”

M&S Valentine's Sausage

Marks & Spencer is making the most of Valentine’s Day with it’s aptly named “love sausage” in the shape of a giant heart — aww, how sweet!

Forget flowers or a teddy bear, take a chance that your significant other wants to be smacked in the face with a big sausage this year. As the store suggests, “say it with sausages” in 2019.

The usually prim and proper supermarket is cashing in on the racier side of V. Day with a double entendre. I don’t know about you, but I plan to chow down on some love sausage on February 14.

Posting on Twitter, M&S revealed its latest love length. The meaty monstrosity is wrapped in bacon and “lightly-truffled.” To be honest, my mouth is watering in anticipation already.

Costing just £5 and coming to stores from February 8, you can consider me sold. I might stick a few in the freezer for another date too. Fans soon took to Twitter to express their own awe and amazement at M&S’s risque new addition.

The innuendos came thick and fast, with everything ranging from the sausages being “ribbed for your pleasure” to someone using the new tiny penis emoji. Although most of us were suitably impressed by the sausages and smut, not everyone was convinced by this dripping delight.

There’s something about shopping at M&S after a crappy day at work that makes you feel a little better. I’ve had many of their 2 for £10 meal deals to myself while pretending I’m sharing it with someone else.

Although the shop is sure to put its prices up to make the most of that dreaded Valentine’s Day rush, a giant sausage should be enough to satisfy yourself and your significant other — or just one very hungry singleton.

While we can’t promise your love sausage will look at professional as the M&S one, why not try something different for Valentine’s Day? Personally, I can’t wait to wrap my hands around that big, thick, love sausage.

[Featured Image: Marks & Spencer/The Rank Organisation]

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