Most Serial Killers Share A Common Trait – Their Star Sign Is Taurus



We all have a star sign that correlates to our date of birth, and a lot of people follow theirs daily, with horoscopes and ‘known traits’ of their chosen sign to feel more connected to who they really are.

But are our actions and emotions controlled by our sign, and are they basically inevitable in encouraging how we act and respond to situations?

According to The Mirror, star signs could potentially indicate whether you (or someone you know) is likely to become a serial killer. No, seriously.

While criminologists have studied for years the correlation of serial killers and their personality traits, it’s always been well-documented that they DO tend to have a lot of things in common. But one of the most interesting common traits, is that some of the worst serial killers’ star signs were Taurus.

David Jester, the British author, spent two years researching the zodiac signs of some of the most prolific or notorious serial killers in the world to see if their was any correlation.

Jester, whose new thriller The Clinic comes out this week, found during his research that more killers on his list were Taureans – born between April 20 and May 20 – than any other star sign.

Some of the more notable serial killers who share the sign are Levi Bellfield, Albert Fish, Steve Wright, and Martha Beck.

However, serial killers ALSO come in all different shapes, sizes and star signs. Ted Bundy was a Saggitarius, so not ALL of them are Taureans.

Which makes me feel slightly better about being born around the same time .as prolific killers. As far as I’m concered, we’re just really stubborn – it takes a completely different type of person to become a serial killer and just being a Taurus in general doesn’t mean we’re likely to commit heinous crimes.

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